Optimising Reality – set of 4 urls for lease

Optimising Reality is the parent company of UPSHOT Marketing & Communications in The Netherlands. We are the owner of four urls, that are available for long-term lease to the right kind of company:





“Optimising Reality” is a strong, fun and meaningfull concept, the combination easy to remember and generates positive response from all that encounter the name for the first time.

Optimising Reality is a great name for a new company, service, or product. Optimising Reality works well for companies active in marketing, advertising, design, virtual reality, augmented reality and other areas where smart people make existing things better.

Optimising Realityset of 4 urls for lease

The urls cover both US and UK english versions with the S and Z. The with or without dash is a matter of taste (but you don’t want your competitor to own the other version). Url’s optimising-reality.com, optimizing-reality.com, optimisingreality.com, optimizingreality.com, are offered as a set, through a yearly lease with a multi-year contract.

For more information about optimising-reality.com, optimizing-reality.com, optimisingreality.com and optimizingreality.com, please send a mail to Frans Wauters at fwauters @ upshot.nl. (emailadres without the spaces, but you probably got that 🙂 )

Optimising Realityset of 4 urls for lease